Mass. General Vaccine Chief Warns Coronavirus Still ‘Highly Infectious’

Dr. Poznansky discusses the risk of COVID-19 transmission during crowded Memorial Day celebrations, as well as the current status of vaccine development.

“From a crowded pool party at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri to a street party in Daytona Beach, Florida, Memorial Day festivities brought hundreds close together in several U.S. cities Monday ⁠— largely without masks or other such precautions…”

Look to the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ as we respond to COVID-19 worldwide

Florence Nightingale offers lessons of leadership; those who emulate her style are successfully keeping down numbers of COVID-19 infections and deaths in their countries. 

Born on May 12, 200 years ago in Italy, Florence Nightingale is known for revolutionizing the nursing profession and introducing hygienic practices that, even now, save countless lives. At this moment in history, world leaders who emulate her transformative governance style are achieving noteworthy outcomes for their respective countries during the COVID-19 crisis. Today, it is many women heads of state who rise to Nightingale’s level of laudable leadership…

How do we go back to work? One hospital’s procedures show the way

Drs. Hart and Poznansky share what we can learn from hospital settings to help us all return to work. Hint: We do the best that we can based on the amount of information we have at a given time to drive decisions.

There is a basic tenet about mistakes in medicine, brought to bear by a well-known family practitioner named David Hilfiker. Dr. Hilfiker cautions that a mistake in medicine is not looking back with new information and data to say that you’d now handle a circumstance differently. A mistake in medicine is when you look back and determine that, with the exact same knowledge and set of data that you had at that time, you should have made a different decision…