Not at Risk; Or So Luiz Thought

My Covid Story:

My name is Luiz. I am 38 years old, young, healthy, physical therapist and Pilates instructor. Because of my profession, I make exercises every day. And because I was not high-risk patient, I was thinking the COVID-19 for me could be like a ‘big’ flu. IT WASN’T! The COVID-19 started with a sore throat, muscles pain and fever like a common flu. I took medicine against fever and it is gone. But the fever came back every day stronger until the medicine didn’t make more effect and the fever stayed continuously between 38-40°C [100.4-104°F].

After 9 days with symptoms, I went to the doctor and I tested positive for COVID-19. In the total it was 12 consecutive days of fever. I also had diarrhea, a lot of vomit, smell and taste lost, nose burning, abdominal pain, muscles pain, heavy eyes, headache, cough and difficulty breathing. I had shortness breath but because my oxygen saturation was 98%, I didn’t need oxygen mask… After 14 days with [treatment from my doctor including LOTS of fluids], the disease, the fever was going out and the symptoms started to decrease. Now I am ok; but I would like to advice you stay home, wash your hands and face all the time, use mask and gloves and hear all the recommendations from healthcare workers. They want to help you!