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Social Recovery

The Humility & Humanity Of Shared Experiences

Because of the health risks associated with COVID-19, social changes have become universal side effects from the virus. The adjustments we’ve made individually and collectively are bound to last beyond the time that a viable vaccine is discovered and distributed. There have been stressful shifts that cause strain on our mental health, our wallets, our relationships, and our sense of purpose and belonging. As difficult as these challenges have been, there may be unexpected lessons from these experiences.

The sacrifices imparted by the COVID-19 pandemic impact every aspect of our lives – work, school, camps, personal relationships, funerals, graduations, and more. What “recovery” means in each of these areas is different and, like the data regarding Health Recovery, continues to evolve. There seem to be phases and feelings that are not linear. 

In addition, the pandemic has heightened generations of societal ills that we must face – economic, health, and structural. In this section on Social Recovery from COVID-19, we address a series of issues connected to our everyday lives, whether by choice or happenstance, as well as cultural constructs. When hearing people’s stories, we believe that you’ll see yourself and relate to what has been hard, feel reassured that others encounter similar challenges, and find comfort, even inspiration, in ideas and methods to help cope.

Speeding up Meat Processing Spreads Coronavirus Faster

In 2018, the White House administration allowed 54 meat processing plants to speed up production by 25%. Throughout 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic spread like wildfire, COVID-19 cases have been
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Frontline Healthcare Workers Receive Vaccines

"The good thing about science is that it is true whether or not you believe in it." - Neil deGrasse Tyson
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Isolated Elderly and Stir-Crazy Teens Form Real Bonds, Virtually

My Covid Story Older adults are at high risk for severe consequences from COVID-19. While this necessitates self-isolation to help mitigate spread and reduce their chances of contraction, the ensuing
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Long-Haul COVID: We Need to Do Better

Symptoms from COVID-19 can last many weeks, even months, and manifest in strange and unexpected ways. In Britain, the National Health Services (NHS) has formed clinics for long-covid, as they
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Teen Initiatives During COVID-19: Young Adults Support Their Communities

My Covid Story As the pandemic spread, forcing schools and businesses to close in April, two teenagers in Massachusetts found themselves with time on their hands and a pressing urge
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Controlling Coronavirus in Tight Living Quarters

My Covid Story Facilities with people living in close quarters are at high risk of spreading infection rapidly to one another, including COVID-19. Nursing homes, prisons, shelters, and dormitories share
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While Hard, Societal Sacrifices Are Measurably Paying Off

The SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic has infiltrated almost all aspects of our lives, bringing much of normal societal flow to a grinding halt. Social distancing has restricted contact with others, business
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Will 21-Year-Olds Learn to Take the Pandemic Seriously? Doug, a 21-year old college student in Boulder, Colorado (CO), tested positive for COVID-19. Unlike others who have had much more serious cases, Doug was lucky. He only showed
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