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My Covid Story

Everyday People with Everyday Advice

Through people’s stories of recovery from COVID-19, we hope that you’ll see yourself, relating to what has been hard about this public health experience, but also finding comfort, camaraderie, and inspiration. The COVID-19 recovery story spans all aspects of our lives — health, social, and economic. Each is intertwined with the other. The stories shared here are about real, everyday people. They reflect honesty and humility. From that authenticity, a sense of positivity and hope emerge.

There is no doubt that this experience has been hard for all of us. Since the discovery of COVID-19, much has required shifting and changing to our regular, everyday lives; and much has been revealed about our societal ills and inequities. Now, let’s strive to revamp and revitalize, not simply return and restore.

As we recover, individually and collectively, the reflections shared here are intended to spark consideration of what is possible as well as creative ideas of ways to get there. Often, that inspiration comes in simple, unexpected forms.

IBD Patients Like Eric Prompt More Questions About COVID-19

My Covid Story: I began to feel ill the night of my eighth birthday. Less than a month later, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Having just barely finished second
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Yasmina’s First Day Vaccinating Reminds us Healthcare Workers are Human

My Covid Story: Throughout the pandemic, healthcare workers have been lauded as unsung heroes — rightly so. At the same time, they are human and have experienced many of the
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Isolated Elderly and Stir-Crazy Teens Form Real Bonds, Virtually

My Covid Story Older adults are at high risk for severe consequences from COVID-19. While this necessitates self-isolation to help mitigate spread and reduce their chances of contraction, the ensuing
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Long-Haul COVID: We Need to Do Better

Symptoms from COVID-19 can last many weeks, even months, and manifest in strange and unexpected ways. In Britain, the National Health Services (NHS) has formed clinics for long-covid, as they
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COVID Poses Unique Challenges for International Students, Minseo Reflects

My Covid Story: Minseo shares her story as an international boarding student from South Korea at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Early on, when things looked worse in her
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Teen Initiatives During COVID-19: Young Adults Support Their Communities

My Covid Story As the pandemic spread, forcing schools and businesses to close in April, two teenagers in Massachusetts found themselves with time on their hands and a pressing urge
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Lifelong Dream and Art Store Nearly Destroyed by Pandemic

My Covid Story: In the writing of Margaret’s story, Congress continues to debate another much needed round of government support. The House passed a second Coronavirus, Aid, Relief, and Economic
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Controlling Coronavirus in Tight Living Quarters

My Covid Story Facilities with people living in close quarters are at high risk of spreading infection rapidly to one another, including COVID-19. Nursing homes, prisons, shelters, and dormitories share
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How has COVID-19 impacted your life and those with whom you’re close?

We welcome you to share a brief description of your own story here and someone from our team will follow up via email.

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