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Risks, Preventions & Cures for Corona Unfolding Rapidly

Coronavirus of 2019 (aka COVID-19) has hit hard and impacted everyone around the globe. The data and information are unfolding daily. Guided by the evidence vetted by our team of doctors and scientists, we share people’s real-life stories of recovery, highlighting the latest information to help you understand, adjust to these trying times, and, hopefully, feel better — medically, economically, socially, and emotionally. You are not alone. Each person, family, community, and country is learning and adapting. It seems in our collective, and individual, best interest to do so together.

Corona means crown. The virus is named as such because of the crown-like spikes seen under the microscope. These spikes are proteins that serve a purpose for the virus because they allow it to enter human cells.

COVID-19 spreads easily and rapidly; the illness from the virus ranges from no symptoms at all to a very serious respiratory infection called acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) along with failure of many systems in the body that may follow.

SARS of 2002/2003 and MERS of 2012 were also coronaviruses with a similar crown-like structure seen under the microscope; they, too, could cause life-threatening ARDS and multi-organ failure. There are similarities as well as significant differences between COVID-19 and these earlier two viruses that also caused pandemics.

IBD Patients Like Eric Prompt More Questions About COVID-19

My Covid Story: I began to feel ill the night of my eighth birthday. Less than a month later, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Having just barely finished second
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Freedom from restrictions means COVID is free to run rampant

Dr. Hart talks about why vaccine refusal perpetuates the emergence of new COVID variants (like delta) and prevents our progress toward ending the current pandemic.“Millions of researchers, clinicians, public health
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Yasmina’s First Day Vaccinating Reminds us Healthcare Workers are Human

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COVID vaccines: Are you ‘primed’ for the best outcome?

Dr. Udo shares her story. Drs. Hart & Poznansky weigh in about smarter, more targeted approach to vaccine distribution.
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Speeding up Meat Processing Spreads Coronavirus Faster

In 2018, the White House administration allowed 54 meat processing plants to speed up production by 25%. Throughout 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic spread like wildfire, COVID-19 cases have been
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Frontline Healthcare Workers Receive Vaccines

"The good thing about science is that it is true whether or not you believe in it." - Neil deGrasse Tyson
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The Search Continues: Coronavirus Vaccination Not “One-Size Fits All”

A number of the leading COVID-19 vaccines, including the first to market, rely on new platforms. These are technologies that have been developed over years, even decades, to target not
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Vaccines in Development: Which are Ready for Prime Time?

Vaccine development for COVID-19 is a fast-moving topic. Private industry, academics, and government agencies are working together at rapid speed to generate viable options for billions of people throughout the
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